Modéliser et comprendre la complexité écologique et socio-écologique des écosystèmes exploités

Managing and conserving aquatic ecosystems:
A socio-ecological perspective and a transdisciplinary approach


I am an aquatic ecologist with broad interests in conservation ecology
  and ecosystems management with an emphasis on fish and fisheries.

   My research is genuinely transdisciplinary and inclusive, using
     methodologies from natural, social sciences and engineering, and
       collaborators from the academia, industry and government.

       I examine problems that scale from the individual to
       the landscape level, from hours to several decades.

       I use several approaches, including modeling, field and lab
      experiments on a variety of organisms (insects, plankton and fish)
     and systems (freshwater lakes and rivers, oceans, and coral
    reefs) to answer my research questions.

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Source: Site web de Katrine