ISFORT is a university research institute attached to the Gatineau campus of the Université du Québec en Outaouais. It is also the first institute in Canada dedicated to Historyinterested in the issues associated with (i) the functioning of ecosystems, (ii) the characterization and monitoring of natural resources, and (iii) the development of innovative approaches for the development of the natural resources of temperate forests.

Research at ISFORT consists of studying and understanding the natural processes that underlie the functioning of forest ecosystems in order to ensure the maintenance of the quantity, quality and diversity of forest cover. Research also strives to propose solutions that take into account the multiple perceptions and uses of the forest by the citizens to continue to support and develop the socio-economic fabric around this forest biome.

Although firmly anchored in issues specific to Quebec, research at ISFORT is international and directly addresses the challenges facing forest ecology and forestry around the world.

Finally, research at ISFORT promotes integration among the various scientific disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach generates new avenues of research that have not been previously exploited. Similarly, research at ISFORT is based on principles of scientific collaboration allowing all stakeholders in the forest environment to participate in the scientific experiment.