Assistant terrain été 2022

Publié le 1 avril 2022

Job description

I am a doctoral student conducting research using empirical data and scientific models with the application of SylvAdapt experiments (thinning) to forecast how the forest at the stand and tree scale will respond to climate change and its associate stressors e.g drought in southern Quebec. The research will be carried out in the Bois-Francs (Drummondville: Saint-Bonaventure, SaintMajorique, Sainte-Françoise) and in the Appalachians (Saint Damien de Buckland, SaintMagloire de Bellechasse).

Responsibility Overview

  1. Support in installation of probes for sapflow measurement on six selected sites in BoisFrancs (Drummondville: Saint-Bonaventure, Saint-Majorique, Sainte-Françoise).
  2. Support in the installation of the data logger to measure soil relative humidity on the study sites
  3. Support the installation of tensiometers to measure the soil tension on the selected sites.
  4. Support in tree crown measurement in the study area in Bois-Francs (Drummondville: Saint-Bonaventure, Saint-Majorique, Sainte-Françoise).
  5. Support the use of terrestrial mobile lidar in mapping of tress in the two study areas (Bois-Francs and Appalachians)


  1. Must be physically fit
  2. Must enjoy working outdoors in all weather conditions
  3. Must have the ability to work in the forest for long hours (regardless of weather conditions),
  4. Available to work in all the study sites (Bois-Francs and Appalachians)
  5. Must have a positive attitude and a strong work ethics

Work conditions

  1. Work will begin in May 2022 until August.
  2. Travel and accommodation costs are covered.
  3. The salary is 17.525 $/ hour. Extra hours will be paid based on the same salary rate


Interested candidates can apply by submitting their application (CV and other additional documents) to

Obed Asamoah
PhD student, UQO (ISFORT)

PDF de l’offre d’emploi