Conférence ISFORT 10 août 2022 – Conservation and Silviculture of Chilean Temperate Rainforests: Challenges for Sustainable Management.

Publié le 5 août 2022

Conférence de Pablo Donoso Professeur de l’Instituto de Bosques y Sociedad au Chilie le 10 août de 1-2pm dans la salle de conférence de l’ISFORT

La conférence sera donné en anglais

Chile has the largest area of temperate rainforests in the Southern Hmisphere. These are diverse forests, with many endemic species, very productive and also highly threatened. Old-growth forests have been severely reduced at mid and low elevations, where now secondary and high-graded forests dominate. Here my aim is to illustrate the characteristics and beauty of these forests and their landscapes, the contribution of silviculture for the conservation and the continued provision of goods and services from these forests, and some challenges for their sustainable management. 

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